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  • Ron Clack
    General Manager

    Has 3 kids.
    Hobbies - Golf; sports; going to movies; baseball; football
    Favorite Sports Teams - New York Yankees; Chicago Bears; Oregon Ducks; Los Angeles Lakers
    Favorite Music - Rock
    Favorite Movie - For the Love of the Game; Rudy

  • Aaron Gutierrez
    Finance Manager

    Has 6 kids.
    Hobbies - Going to movies and restaurants; spending time with family
    Favorite Sports Teams - New England Patriots
    Favorite Music - Dance
    Favorite Movie - Braveheart, The Patriot

  • Matt Hillier
    Finance Manager

    Has 1 kid.
    Hobbies - Cooking; wine; softball, golf
    Favorite Sports Teams - Oregon Ducks; Oregon Beavers; Portland Trailblazers; 49ers
    Favorite Music - Rock; Folk; Alternative
    Favorite Movie - Troy

  • Travis Cooke
    Sales Rep

    Has 3 kids.
    Hobbies - Sports; camping; family time
    Favorite Sports Teams - Dallas Cowboys; Atlanta Braves; Oregon Ducks; Auburn Tigers
    Favorite Music - Country; rock; classic rock
    Favorite Movie -  The Goonies

  • Errett Guthrie
    Sales Rep

    Has 1 kid.
    Hobbies - Bowling; billiards; fishing; camping; driving; Dutch Bros.; family recreation
    Favorite Music - Hip-hop; dubstep; country
    Favorite Movie - The Avengers; The Goonies

  • Ray Morgan
    Sales Rep

    Has 3 kids.
    Favorite Sports Team:  New England Patriots
    Favorite Music: Country
    Favorite Movie: Quigley Down Under
    Hobbies:  Guns and Knives

  • Bruce Abernathy
    Sales Rep

  • Shannon Egbert
    Sales Rep

  • Robert Webb
    Sales Rep

  • Justin Cramner
    Sales Rep

  • Nate Leschner
    Sales Rep

  • Shane Roberts
    Service Manager

    Has 2 kids.
    Favorite Sports Team:  Cowboys
    Favorite Music:  Classic Country
    Favorite Movie:  Lonesome Dove
    Hobbies:  Running, Camping, and Hiking

  • Wes Fauver
    Assistant Service Manager

    Has 2 kids.
    Hobbies - Spending time with wife; hiking; rafting; kayaking; competitive shooting; softball
    Favorite Sports Teams - Oregon State Beavers
    Favorite Music - Country
    Favorite Movie - Dancing With Wolves; Secondhand Lions; Legends of the Fall

  • Ken Jernigan
    Service Advisor

    Has 3 kids.
    Favorite Sports Team:  Cowboys
    Favorite Music:  Country
    Favorite Movie Genre:  Action
    Hobbies:  Reading, Fishing, and Hunting

  • Daren Bonner
    Service Advisor

    Has 4 kids.
    Favorite Sports Team: Ducks
    Favorite Music: Contemporary Christian
    Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day
    Hobbies: Spending time with my grandson

  • Gary Nelson
    Service Advisor

    Favorite Color - Green
    Favorite Music - 80's Rock
    Favorite Movie - Reservoir Dogs

  • Kenneth Thomas
    Service Advisor

  • Cody Kephart
    Service Technician

    Has 2 kids.
    Favorite Sports Team:  Ducks
    Favorite Music:  Country
    Favorite Movie:  Super Troopers
    Hobbies:  Dirt Bikes and Hunting

  • Charles Brumbaugh
    Service Technician

    Favorite Sport: Racing (Dale Earnhardt is his favorite driver)
    Favorite Music: Classic Rock
    Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings
    Hobbies:  Riding ATV's and dirt bikes, Working on cars, Shooting and Fishing.

  • Mike Lee
    Service Technician

    Favorite Sports Team:  Raiders and Texas Rangers
    Favorite Music: Country
    Favorite Movie: Full Metal Jacket or Apocalypse Now
    Hobbies:  Horse Riding, Cowboy mounted shooting.

  • Jay Toman
    Service Technician

    Has 5 kids.
    Favorite Sports Team:  49ers
    Favorite Music:  Rock
    Favorite Movie:  Star Wars
    Hobbies:  Fishing, Boating, Camping, and Hiking

  • Paul Totemeier
    Service Technician

    Has 2 kids.
    Favorite Sports Team: Seahawks
    Favorite Music: All music genres
    Hobbies:  Fishing, Camping, and Jeeping

  • Juan Pinon

    Has 5 kids.
    Favorite Sports Team:  Chargers
    Favorite Music: Gospel
    Favorite Movie:  Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    Hobbies: Work on cars; Play music in my band

  • Mark Middleton
    Parts Advisor

    Has 1 kid.
    Favorite Music:  Country
    Hobbies:  Hunting and Fishing

  • Daniel Johnson
    Parts Advisor

    Has 2 kids.
    Favorite Sports Team: 49ers

  • John Webb
    Lot Manager

    Has two kids.
    Favorite Sports Teams:  Steelers
    Favorite Music:  Classic Rock
    Favorite Movie:  Pulp Fiction
    Hobbies:  Fishing, Hunting, and anything outdoors

  • Liana Coelho
    Office Manager

    Has 2 children and 6 grandchildren
    Favorite Sports Team:  Giants; 49ers
    Favorite Movie Genre:  Suspense
    Hobbies:  Exploring with my grandkids; Gardening, Animals, and Crafts.

  • Kathy Conaway
    Vehicle Administrator

    Has 1 child.
    Favorite Sports Team:  Steelers
    Favorite Music:  Classic Rock (The Beatles)
    Favorite Movie:  Gone with the Wind
    Hobbies:  Yoga, hiking, playing with my parrot, and skiing

  • Sherrie Hofseth
    Senior Accounts Payable Administrator

    Has 2 children.
    Favorite Color:  Blue
    Favorite Music:  AC/DC
    Hobbies:  Cooking, volunteering with Girl Scouts, and spending time with children.


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